Maturità 2019 Simulazioni Amministrazione Marketing e Finanza Internazionale: traccia svolta inglese

28 febbraio 2019

Simulazioni Seconda Prova 2019: traccia inglese Amministrazione Marketing e Finanza Internazionale svolta

Come annunciato, il Miur ha pubblicato nella data del 28 febbraio le simulazioni per la seconda prova della Maturità 2019. Molti studenti si trovano a dover fare i conti con la temuta prova mista, che prevede esercizi in ben due discipline caratterizzanti del piano di studi. Tra loro, ci sono anche gli iscritti all'Istituto Tecnico Amministrazione Marketing e Finanza: chi ha scelto l'indirizzo in Relazioni Internazionali per il Marketing deve infatti mettersi alla prova con una prima parte dedicata all'Economia Aziendale ed una seconda alla Lingua Inglese. Da ScuolaZoo abbiamo dato un'occhiata alla traccia esempio, e abbiamo svolto pr voi la traccia d'inglese. Qui trovate tutte le risposte alle domande di comprensione del testo d'inglese dall'Istituto Tecnico Amministrazione Marketing e Finanza Internazionale dedicato al content marketing.

Seconda prova 2019, Amministrazione Marketing e Finanza Internazionale: la prova di comprensione d'inglese svolta.

Il testo riportato nell'esempio del Miur per gli studenti di Amministrazione Marketing e Finanza Internazionale affronta il tema del content marketing, ossia del fenomeno che vede molte aziende pubblicare contenuti per migliorare la propria attività. Qui di seguito trovate le risposte alle domande di comprension del testo.

4) Answer the question. Use complete sentences and your own words.Explain why The Four Seasons Resort Hotels chain’s content marketing strategy is proving so successful. Because they know very well their audience and they know what kind of messages they have to deliver 5) Answer the question by referring to the bar chart. Why do you think large businesses consider daily rather than weekly publishing of content is a more effective way of ensuring audience engagement? Because they have different types of customers and to reach all of them they need to publish daily.

Seconda prova 2019, Amministrazione Marketing e Finanza Internazionale: la prova di produzione del testo

Today, not only companies but also private individuals, you too probably, are using the internet and social media more and more for many different reasons. Write a 300-word essay about the advantages and disadvantages of this, referring to your personal experience and/or to the experiences of people you know. Social media can be very useful on a personal and professional side. They can help you to connect with other professionals, which means you get to do the research, learn from them and get to follow the trends. At the same time, not only individuals but also several companies are using social media in a powerful way. Social media can help a business to connect with customers better, and serve them on a higher level. These platforms also make digital marketing easier, especially when it comes to advertising. Compared to traditional advertising methods (print media, TV and radio advertising), in fact, social ads are not only dependable, but also cheaper. Social media can also help to grown brand awareness in a creative and modern way: let’s just think about memes, quotes and videos, all of them very appealing for youn people. At the same time, they help to diversify company’s marketing: they don’t reach out to just one type of crowd, but connect to a versatile customer base. Of course social media have negative effects on us as well. On a personal level, many get lost in the virtual world and forget the present: they are always checking their phones rather than making conversations. As for companies, we have to consider that social interactions (such as re-tweets, likes, comments, shares) can turn against campaigns if the interactions or comments are negative. Furthermore, any statement once released on social media circulates at lightning speed. So if a company posts something by mistake, it will be very hard to rectify. Finally, social media is also a big platform for customers to complain about products and services: the more complaints a brand will get, the more it will loose customers. We can say that social media can affect our personal and professional lives in several ways, but it’s really important to use them in the right way.

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