Riassunto svolto di Wuthering Heights: trama completa in inglese di Cime Tempestose
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Riassunto svolto di Wuthering Heights: trama completa in inglese di Cime Tempestose

Di Ilaria Caleca
pubblicato il 02 gennaio

Dove fare il riassunto in inglese di Cime Tempestose ma non sapete da dove iniziare? Niente panico, l’abbiamo svolto noi per voi!!

Riassunto svolto di Wuthering Heights: trama completa in inglese di Cime Tempestose

Wuthering Heights: riassunto svolto in inglese del romanzo di Emily Bronte

Cime Tempestose (titolo originale Wuthering Heights) è l’unico romanzo di Emily Bronte pubblicato nel 1847 e, in seconda edizione postuma, nel 1850. L’opera tratta i temi fondamentali del romanticismo come l’amore, la solitudine, l’odio, la vendetta ed è caratterizzato da una grandissima intensità emotiva e da una profonda complessità. Il celebre romanzo è considerato uno dei più alti capolavori della letteratura inglese. Se a scuola vi hanno assegnato come compito il riassunto in inglese di Cime Tempestose e avete bisogno di un aiutino, potete leggere il riassunto che noi di ScuolaZoo abbiamo svolto per voi!

Siete alle prese con lo studio di questo romanzo e volete conoscere tutti i dettagli per un compito perfetto? Allora leggete qui:

Cime Tempestose: riassunto in inglese svolto di Wuthering Heights

The plot of Wuthering Heights revolves around two houses, Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange, respectively inhabited by the Earnshaws and the Lintons. At the beginning of the story a wealthy young man, Mr Lockwood, who is looking for some peace and relax, moves to Thrushcross Grange, in Yorkshire. He visits his landlord, Heathcliff, who lives in Wuthering Heights. Forced to spend the night there because of a snowstorm, he notices books and graffiti left by a former inhabitant named Catherine. He falls asleep and has a nightmare, in which he sees the ghostly Catherine tapping on the window, asking to be let in after years of wandering on the moors. The next day Mr Lockwood returns to Thrushcross Grange and the housekeeper, Nelly Dean, tells him the whole story. Mr Earnshaw, the father of Hindley and Catherine, one day came back from Liverpool with a homeless boy, whom he called Heathcliff. Hindley ill-treated Heathcliff whereas Catherine got on very well with him. They roamed the moors together and promised they would stay together forever. One day Catherine was forced to spend five weeks at Thrushcross Grange, which gave her the opportuniy to get to know Edgar and Isabella, as well as their quiet and refined way of life. So when a few years later Edgar proposed to her, she accepted although her love for Edgar is not comparable to her love for Heathcliff, whom she cannot marry because of his low social status and lack of education. She hoped to use her position as Edgar’s wife to raise Heathcliff’s standing. Heathcliff overhead the second part of the conversation and disappeared to return only three years later, handsome, rich and determined to take his revenge. He won the possession of Wuthering Heights gambling with Hindley, now a drunkard; then he eloped with Edgar’s sister, married her and treated her like a servant. Catherine fell ill and died giving birth to a daughter, Cathy. Years later Heathcliff kidnapped Cathy and obliged her to marry his weakly, spoilt son, Linton. His revenge was thus complete since he became the owner of Thrushcross Grange, too. Nelly’s narrative ends her. Lockwood leaves Yorkshire and comes back after a year to find out that both Linton and Heathcliff are dead and Cathy amd Hareton, Hindley’s son, are going to get married, to live in peace and happiness. Nelly tells Lockwood that there are rumors in the neighbourhood that the figures of a young man and woman have been seen wandering together in the moors.

(Credit foto: Cime tempestose, Paramount Pictures – Feltrinelli)

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