Maturità 2019 linguistico: comprensione e produzione di inglese svolta

28 febbraio 2019

Maturità 2019 linguistico: prova d'inglese svolta

Dopo aver pubblicato delle simulazioni di prima prova in vista della Maturità 2019, il Miur ha condiviso anche degli esempi di seconda prova per tutti gli indirizzi di studio. Nei licei ha fatto il suo ingresso la temutissima prova mista, composta quindi da ben due discipline caratterizzanti e non da una soltanto come negli anni passati. Gli studenti del liceo linguistico, quindi, si sono trovati ad affrontare esercizi in inglese abbinato ad un'altra lingua. Sei tra i maturandi chiamati a confrontarsi con questo difficile test? Qui trovi gli esercizi di comprensione e produzione in inglese. Clicca qui per la prova di Francese svolta con comprensione e produzione del testo

Maturità 2019 linguistico: prova d'inglese, esercizio vero o falso

  1. The sudden change in the landscape brought back mixed emotions in the narrator.
T       X                                       F                                  NS      2.The narrator was an exile from his own country. T                                              F     X                            NS     
  1. There was some uncertainty as to whether England with her crumbling power would be able to stand up to the challenges of the time.
T                                              F     X                            NS     
  1. The predominant trait of their character made the English appear quarrelsome and opinionated.
T                                             F       X                            NS     
  1. The narrator was somewhat ashamed of his admiration for the English.
T       X                                       F                                  NS     

Maturità 2019 linguistico: prova d'inglese, domande aperte

6. What made the English language so appealing to the narrator? English language has shaped his whole life, so he is unavoidably captivated by it. English reminds him oh his love-life and of his youth, even if it has also imperilled his precious national sentiment. 7. Why was the narrator critical of the intellectual elite at the Court? Because they have lost their nationalism, they are cosmopolitans who could almost laugh at themselves. Their education has etiolated their sense of race. 8. What elements in the passage reveal the narrator’s love-hate relationship with England? When he thinks of England he immediately says then when he was young he loved and hated with all the emotional polarity of his race. In other passages he says this country had marked him and that the first link with Fawzia was the passion for England. On the other side, he knows that this infatuation ha etiolated his nationalism.

Maturità 2019 linguistico: prova d'inglese, produzione del testo

Discuss the quotation in a 300-word essay considering the positive aspects and the complexities that cultural diversity may introduce into modern society. Support your ideas by referring to your readings and/or to your personal experience. Culture shapes us. It shapes our identity and influences our behavior. Culture is our “way of being,” and includes language, beliefs, values, norms, behaviors, and material objects that are passed down from one generation to the next. Our modern society is made by several cultural identities, and i think this diversity can introduce several positive aspects in our world. First of all, thanks to cultural diversity, we can discover other foods, festivals, fashion and cultural expressions. Living in a multicultural society, where people from different ethnic group inhabit the same country, has a deep impact on our everyday life: let’s just think about sushi, chinese restaurants or Halloween festival. They are not part of our italian culture, but we discovered them and we ended up loving them. We can learn from other people and they can learn from us, without denying the importance of our won roots. In second place, several studies have shown that cultural diversity has a positive effect in the workplace: diversity brings in different talents together, all of them working towards a common goal and using different sets of skills. In this way, productivity increases, morale increases and employees are more courteous to customers. Otherwise we can’t deny cultural diversity may also have negative aspects, such language barriers and social tension. Language barriers are generally temporary in nature (most immigrants eventually learn the language of the country they move to), but the resultant segregation can endure, as exemplified in segregated neighborhoods and ethnic ghettos Social tension instead, can occur as a result of cultural and linguistic differences. In Europe, for instance, tension between the Muslim minority and the largely secular majority is frequently attributed to the incommensurability of Islamic and Secular values. In any case, these are not reasons to avoid diversity, but rather, factors to keep in mind as society heads toward a more diverse future. We can learn from our mistakes and use them to shape a different kind of world.

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