Soluzioni Inglese Seconda Prova 2019 linguistico: comprensione e produzione svolte

20 giugno 2019

Maturità 2019 Seconda Prova Linguistico: comprensione e produzione di Inglese svolte

Oggi i maturandi del Liceo Linguistico di tutta Italia hanno dovuto affrontare la Seconda Prova di  Maturità 2019 e noi di ScuolaZoo abbiamo trovato per voi la soluzione della comprensione e della produzione della parte di inglese. Questo Esame di Stato 2019 è stato piuttosto particolare perché con la Riforma del MIUR e le novità del Ministro Bussetti la traccia multidisciplinare è piuttosto complicata da gestire! Ecco la soluzione per voi. Non perdere gli ultimi aggiornamenti sulla Seconda Prova di Maturità 2019, seguite con noi l’esame e le altre tracce: soluzioni-linguistico-comprensione-produzione-seconda-prova-maturità-2019 (2)

Produzione Inglese svolta Seconda Prova Linguistico 2019

I think that travelling broadens one’s mind and enrich one’s life. Travel is a great way to learn new things and immerse ourselves in a new culture and it also provides a constant urge to continue learning. Travel inspires people to seek out new places, to experience a whole new culture because different countries have different way of life, they have a different history, a different food culture and so on. One of the thing I love about traveling is meeting new people everywhere I go and some of the best conversations I've had with people were when we could barely understand anything the other was saying, we would just pick up bits and pieces and collect the rest from body language and tone. As Terry Pratchett said “You can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving” and this is true because whenever I go somewhere new and I get home, the experience stays with me. I notice how some things are done better in my own community and that we could make improvements just by observing and changing how we currently do things. I feel like I come back with a better understanding of people. Staying away from home also helps us to appreciate our daily lives, our parents, the food of our land. I think that simply seeing different cultures and new ideas expands our brains. Staying at home, we get stuck in the same routines and we don’t really experience anything new. Sometimes though, we need to pause and go somewhere different to understand who we really are.

Comprensione Inglese Seconda Prova Maturità 2019 Linguistico

1) F 2) T 3) T 4) F 5) NS 6) Language and style are effective in creating the atmosphere of the moment because the scene is described in detail and shows the emotions of the protagonists. It is a scene that recalls our personal travels with all the relatives who come to greet us to the station, the recommendations made by the parents. I think that saying that phrase, Philip wanted to say that Italy is not just an historical country full of beautiful cities and museums. Italy is all beautiful because in Italy there is the best food in the world and there are the most best people in the world. Italians are helpful, courteous, considerate and friendly – much more so once they know you. This certainly makes life in Italy a lot easier 7) The clue that the passage offers us to understand the social class of the protagonists is for example when Harriet tells that she has put the handkerchiefs in his inlaid box and this makes us think that the protagonists are of an high social class (Fonte immagini Pixabay)

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